welcome to Baoji BaoTi Metal Products Co., Ltd.!

Baoji Baoti Metal Products Co, Ltd is a subsidiary of Baoti Group, a Titanium Industrial Base in China Mainly engaged in Bao Ti titanium products and related rare metal materials production, sales,development of specialized companies .

Bao Ti Group Co, Ltd is the largest specialized production and scientific research base of rare metal materials with titanium and titanium alloy as the leading factor in China. It has a strong production and processing capacity. It uses titanium, nickel, zirconium, tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium and other metals to produce ingots, plates, strips, rods, wires and pipes, which are widely used in petroleum,chemical industry, and other fields. Medical, electronic, mechanical, aerospace, sports leisure, craft products and other fields. Relying on BaoTi has made Baoji a trulytitanium valley in China.

With the leadership and support of the group, the company has designed and developed deep processed products of rare metal materials. more than 200 kinds of titanium products have been designed and produced. The products are sold to domestic and international markets.

The company relies on strict and scientific management system, perfect process design, continuous improvement of production capacity and testing means, to provide a large number of high-quality and reliable products for the market. Welcome people from all walks of life to negotiate orders, we will be high-quality products, warm and thoughtful service to let you ride the excitement, satistaction and return.