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Baoji Titanium Alloy: Superalloy

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Superalloys are mainly used to manufacture springs that are used at higher temperatures. In addition to the usual creep and relaxation phenomena, springs that are serviced at high temperatures also cause a decrease in interatomic bonding forces due to increased molecular thermal motion. The values of the elastic modulus E and the shear modulus G of the material essentially reflect the bonding force between the atoms, so that the temperature rises and the atomic spacing increases, which inevitably leads to a decrease in the E value and the G value. For every 100 °C increase in steel temperature, the E and G values decrease by about 3%-5%. Since the spring force and torque of the spring are proportional to the elastic modulus of the material, even if the geometry of the spring does not change at high temperatures, the spring force and torque are lower than normal temperature.